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March 19, 2017by Steveoreno0

Imagine pouring a cup of corrosive acid directly into your blood stream.

What would it do to your thyroid… skin… bones… heart… your fat-burning metabolism… your body?

Now imagine pumping that acid into your body every day, 24 hours a day.

For most of us, that’s exactly what’s happening!

Why? Because your fat cells have become “leaky”…

… allowing a dirty slew of corrosive, inflammatory molecules to spew out.

They silently attack your tissues, especially sensitive ones like your thyroid…

…making you look and feel decades older than you actually are.

There’s ONE particularly dangerous particle I want to warn you about today:

  • It turns your liver diabetic…
  • Destroys your ability to process sugar…
  • And forces on slabs of body fat…

It’s wreaking havoc inside your body right now.

There’s good news, however:

A newly-discovered metabolic “double agent” can come to your rescue.

It’s a particle normally considered inflammatory…

… yet when triggered by a unique “micro-burst” movement…

… it switches sides and becomes ANTI-inflammatory.

PLUS: It forces your fat cells to release the fat held prisoner inside.

And it marches that fat directly into your muscle cells where it’s burned for energy.

I’ll tell you more about it in a moment.

First… why have your fat cells become “leaky”?

Because your body is in a constant state of panic:

  • We’re all nutrient-deficient…
  • Loaded with metabolism-killing toxins…
  • And overwhelmed with stress hormones…

To compensate, your cells dump loads of sugar and fat into your blood.

Much of this fuel goes un-used, even if you exercise an hour or more a day.

This excess sugar and fat pools into a toxic, metabolic sludge…

… clogs your arteries…

…triggers MORE body-destroying inflammation…

…and pumps your belly full of fat.

It’s like blending together cotton candy and cream cheese…

… and pouring it directly into your veins!

That’s just the beginning…

Once your body panics, your fat cells start leaking. A lot.

And that’s when your metabolic public enemy #1 rears it’s ugly head:

TNFa — the kingpin of these inflammatory, metabolism-killing molecules.

It blocks insulin’s ability to handle sugar and carbs.

Your liver turns it into slabs of body fat… especially deep inside your belly.

This dangerous fat, called visceral fat, then cranks out MORE TNFa.

Fortunately, that metabolic “double agent” I mentioned can come to your rescue.

It’s called IL-6 and is normally associated with inflammation.

However, once you trigger it with a unique “micro-burst” movement…

… IL-6 becomes your best fat burning friend:

  1. It squashes your belly fat cells’ ability to release age-accelerating TNFa…
  2. It helps you burn sugar more easily by increasing your body’s sensitivity to insulin…
  3. It improves fat burning by setting free “stuck fat” and increasing how fast it’s burned…

PLUS: it builds more cellular energy factories called “mitochondria” – nice!

So, do you just “exercise” to trigger IL-6?

Not so fast…

Only a special type of exercise delivers the optimal dose of IL-6 that re-sculpts your body.

And because it’s so powerful, you should NOT do this for more than 45 minutes a week.

The rest of your week should be spent resting, letting IL-6 do its body-sculpting workfor you.

It’s a new hyper-efficient method of exercise called “micro-bursting”…

… and here’s how you can get it working for you right now…

Turn down inflammation and turn up your body-sculpting IL-6 in 45 seconds with this: Metabolic Prime

I love this technique because it takes less than an hour a week.

Perfect for your busy schedule.

Plus – There are actually 4 more body-rejuvenating molecules released by micro-burst exercise. They dull joint pain, improve blood flow to your heart, lungs and brain, enhancing your ability to move and stay active. Here are the other 4 and how to get them working for you…

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by Steveoreno

I'm a Certified Biblical Health Coach

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