August 10, 2016
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Be A Health Coach

How to Start a Health Coaching Business Online



I Reveal My Entire System…100% Guaranteed!


Do you want to create a health-niche coaching business?

Do you get frustrated because most of the information out there about starting a coaching business is all about the IM niche, and not the health niche?

If so, you are going to love this special training I have created on How to Create Your Very Own Health-Niche Coaching Program…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to Structure Your Entire Health Coaching Business
  • How to Use Specific Diseases to Funnel Clients into Your General Health Coaching Program
  • How to Enroll People in Your Health Coaching Program (example included)

Continue reading below…

This is powerful training which will teach you exactly how to create and sell coaching in the health coaching niche.

This used to only be included in my mentor’s $1000 Coaching Program Training Course.

But for a special limited test, I am releasing it to interested visitors… and I might not keep it up long.

And if you are looking for 27 videos you probably won’t watch anyhow, this is not for you.

This is a single 62-minute mp3.

It’s worth every minute – especially since I am giving it to you at no cost right here…

You will learn a complete model for creating a health niche coaching business – and there is nothing else you need to buy from me to start your health coaching business…

I even share with you my own secret formula for closing someone on getting into your health coaching program!

Exact words.

And I teach you how to get into the health coaching market as well!

With ANY disease!

Anyhow – that’s only a very small part of this training – it’s complete – and deep – if you want health-niche specific training for starting a health coaching business, then you can literally learn what you need in 62 minutes – in this training!

You will have breakthrough moments as you listen to this training!

So without further ado, persuasive psychobabble, and hype…

If you want it, just click the play button below….


Become a Certified Health Coach in one year – Click the image below and try a sample class:


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