July 14, 2017
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How to cope with stress: 4 Tips to deal with stress

Hello this is Andrea Cairella (Licensed Professional Counselor and Relationship Consultant) on True Potential TV the place where you can fostering your relationship, transform their own lives, and improve your wellbeing.

How To Cope With Stress?

Today I am going to cover how to cope with stress so you can:

  • create new habits that allow you to face indecision with confidence and affluence
  • calm down your nervous system so you can experience inner peace of mind
  • help improve the quality of your thoughts and their own lives
  • know how to deal with stress effectively.

But firstly, are you able guess the top 5 common missteps people attain that kill stress and nervousnes directly through the roof?

  1. Avoidance
  2. specifying high expectations
  3. fearful or ruminating seeing motifs
  4. multitasking
  5. poor hour administration knowledge.

So now I will share with you the 5 simple-minded steps to coping with stress so you can start improving the quality of your figure, mind, heart and soul and is being dealt with stress like a champ.

1. Be proactive- Avoid eschewing. When you deny difficulties exist and prolong decisions that have to be made you are attaining questions worse and are attaining your fear of rejection, missing out, attaining missteps more powerful than you.

Instead face your frights by taking action. You will reduce stress and will build up your confidence and mastery.

2. Changing Habits: Now I have a question for you…what are your bad habits that get in your mode? Instead if “youve had” realistic promises, focus on what matters most, plan your time wisely, follow-through on your commitments and take care of yourself your stress degree will go down substantially.

3. Get by Of Your Head And Into Your Life: Over-analysis leads to paralysis. If you ever catch yourself worrying or filled with self-doubt start saying STOP !!! And then begin answering ONE of the questions you are asking yourself on a piece of paper and then answer it. This will reduce your stress degree and increase your mastery at facing your greatest worries.

Also taking some purifying breathers, 4 seconds on the breath and 4 seconds on the exhale will assist calm yourself down naturally.

4. Focus on 1 task at a time: Has your computer ever crashed because you had too many windows open? Do you ever feel like your computer, overwhelmed by the fast paced world-wide of excessive external the requirements and internal pressures? When we are under stress, our mind begins to process and solve problems to gain a sense of order, self-control and certainty; nonetheless, trying to do too many assignments all at once can be achieved through is not simply a reduction in our productivity but also an increase in our stress degree. Did you know that if you are mindful about one to do item at a time your productivity starts up by 40%? That’s 40% !!

5. Slow Down and Get Organized- Do you pilot by the seat of your pants and feel like you are forever put forward by burns. People living with the levels of stress and nervousnes are often in survival mode and several stress hormones are forever being released into our system.

If we are constantly under stress this can cause us to have difficulty concentrating, rapid heart rate, affect our mood, decrease our immune structure and attain us feel fatigued and irritable. To alter this negative cycle we need to slow down, get organized, memorize to say no and attain awareness decisions about what programmes and areas in their own lives are most important to you is a great way to cope with stress, is being dealt with stress and live with intention.

Now I’d love to hear from you. How do you cope with stress? How do you deal with stress? Share your stories, tips-off and suggestions. Concerning insights and speeches always happens after the chapter at TruePotentialCounseling.com so join in on the chat and leave a comment now. Did you like this video? If so, subscribe to my channel by clicking the subscribe button, so you don’t miss any future episodes. And if you liked it, like it and share it with your best friend. And if you can’t get enough and you want additional resources to transform your life and create a nurturing and passionate relationship, plus some personal insights that I simply share in email, go over to TruePotentialCounseling.com and sign up for email updates now.

Thank you so much better and I look forward to seeing you back here next Tuesday on True Potential TV.

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