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This is an email I received from Brian Vaszily of theartofantiaging.com which I believe speaks very well to what we need to hear right now…

Weeks ago I was stressing how important taking steps now to further support your immune system against coronavirus (and all pathogens) is.

For example, back at the start of March, well before most others in natural health were also discussing this…

…I noted how clinical tests are being done in China against coronavirus, and why you may well want to supplement with a high-quality vitamin C.

(If you haven’t already got it, again as I noted weeks ago I recommend you consider this micelle liposomal vitamin C from PuraThrive.)

I also covered how important it is to take steps to eliminate the top sources of toxins that can compromise your immune system…

…Especially those in most cosmetics/personal care products because you feed these directly to your body via your skin.

(Look for USDA Certified Organic cosmetics/personal care products, or the equivalent such as in other countries.)

And I covered how crucial addressing your gut health is for your immunity.

(On that not, please do not miss these 8 free online presentations on HOW to best optimize your gut health that start soon.

It includes, for example, an excellent presentation from Dr. Michael Murray on how your immune cells are key to your intestinal terrain and may well be “the missing key to your health puzzle.”)

Something I Still Find Strange

Weeks ago I also mentioned something I find strange, which I still find strange:

While the media gets credit for covering steps such as washing hands, sanitizing, and of course “social distancing” well…

They’ve barely seemed to mention anything about making sure to take steps to strengthen the immune system.

Well, you likely already know I’m not making all this up about your immune system.

I’ve been researching health for decades now and there’s loads of research that supports why your immune system is #1 against this and all pathogens…

…And the different ways to best support it.

And the doctors and other health researchers I communicate with seem rather unanimous in agreeing with this.

Brand New Study Confirms: “What’s Lacking in Those With Fatal Outcomes”

And now a new study just published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, Nature Medicine, certainly seems to support this.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne hospital tested blood samples at four different time points in an otherwise healthy woman in her 40s who presented with COVID-19.

From this, they were able to provide a detailed report of how the patient’s immune system responded to the virus.

And to put it in direct terms — the immune system certainly DID fight back.

“We looked at the whole breadth of the immune response in this patient using the knowledge we have built over many years of looking at immune responses in patients hospitalised with influenza,” said Dr. Oanh Nguyen, one of the researchers and study authors.

“Three days after the patient was admitted, we saw large populations of several immune cells, which are often a tell-tale sign of recovery during seasonal influenza infection, so we predicted that the patient would recover in three days, which is what happened.”

And University of Melbourne Professor Katherine Kedzierska, a world-leading influenza immunology researcher involved in the study, said:

“We showed that even though COVID-19 is caused by a new virus, in an otherwise healthy person, a robust immune response across different cell types was associated with clinical recovery, similar to what we see in influenza.”

“This is an incredible step forward in understanding what drives recovery of COVID-19,” Kedzierska added.

“People can use our methods to understand the immune responses in larger COVID-19 cohorts, and also understand what’s lacking in those who have fatal outcomes.”

The Bottom Line is…

The smartest approach anyone can take to protect themselves against coronavirus and any pathogen (and, indeed, nearly every disease)…

IS to take constant steps to improve your immune system.

In my humble opinion, politicians and media truly dedicated to helping “We the people” SHOULD be shouting this from the rooftops right now.

Take the steps to eliminate the toxins that can compromise your immune system, such as in cosmetics, cleaning products, and indoor air.

Eat a diet high in whole plant-based and ideally organic foods.

Consider supplementing with high-quality vitamin C, probiotics, vitamin D, turmeric, and certain others that can provide strong support.

Greatly reduce or flat-out eliminate the fast food, processed junk, and sugary foods.

Get plenty of movement / exercise, and reduce chronic stress…

…Including disconnecting from the news about coronavirus when you need to and instead engaging in positive, growth-oriented experiences.

The free Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Health that features 8 expert presentations certainly is one of those positive experiences.

You’ll discover brand new protocols to help your immune system and overall health, so do consider signing up for that if you aren’t already.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

We will rise from this.

One of the keys is being there for one another (even if we are physically limited in doing so), and I am committed to being here and helping you however I can.

The other key is taking and keeping ownership of your own health, including and especially — not matter what they say or don’t say — your immune system.

I mean, it just makes sense, right?

Head here now to find out more about the gut health event if interested and…

Please stay safe, stay calm, find ways to laugh, and stay healthy… and I will talk to you soon :-)?

To What Will STILL Be Your Best Decade Yet,

Brian Vaszily


My Take On This

I’ve not seen a doctor for any reason in the past twenty years (except for routine physicals for work,for a bilateral hernia operation in 2010 and a oral dental surgery last year) and have not taken any antibiotics during this time except for the two operations. My reasoning: My parents, my relatives and friends who have had various diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer’s, have all had terrible outcomes trusting their care to doctors of our general medical system. I’ve taken my health into my own hands in a radical way. I’ve been called crazy for my stance, but I have rarely had a even a headache, minor colds/flu every three to four years and today I consider myself to be in good health. I maintain the title of a Certified Holistic Biblical Health Coach and I don’t ask my clients to do anything I have done and am doing.

I’ve learned many keys to living in health and wellness which I practice daily and with the help and Love of my God and Saviour I have no fear of COVID-19 or any disease (that’s not to say I discount viruses and disease – they are very real – but God has not given me a spirit of fear). In actuality, fear and anxiety are extremely detrimental to the vital functioning of the immune system.. There are many keys, but the one main key to my health is a knowledge and application of priciples to gut health. “All Health Begins In The Gut” – Hippocrates. The immune response lies mainly in the gut microbiome. Build up the gut microbiome and you build up your immunity. This is why I offered every member of my family the ability to participate in my Six Weeks To A Healthy Gut course at no cost! I believe it is so very important to the health of my family. I’ve offered this before and still have not had a response. I won’t stop offering because I won’t give up on what I believe is important. The course is set up in a very nice social eLearning portal. We can all benefit and share our response to this course in a social environment that will be both informative and fun…

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