A “Hormone Reboot” You Can Do In 30 Days!

Here’s How You Can Stop The Annoying Issues That Are Making You Miserable

Discover Why You’re Just Days Away From Regaining Control Over Your Life!

Have you ever felt that your body and you are not on the same page? There’s a reason for that. There are players in your body, called hormones that are making decisions for you. And the food you eat may not be doing what is best for you

Welcome to the Healthy Hormones For Men Program

I know you are a guy and this is the last thing you want to consider
but does this sound familiar?

Getting through the day is a struggle

You feel tense and ready for a meltdown at any moment

Your body feels sluggish and achy

You are loosing muscle mass

You have trouble falpng asleep or staying asleep at night

Weight gain seems to be your new best friend

And you crave sweet or salty foods all the time

One minute you are happy and the next minute the world is coming to an end

Maybe you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or cholesterol or diabetes, arthritis or low T

Gas and bloating seems to be happening much more often

You are too stressed to enjoy your time with your family and friends

You feel the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders

And your libido has left on vaction

If you suffer from any or all of these, then you are experiencing the effects of whacky hormones.

When they are balanced, they make you feel amazing and when they are out of balance, they make you feel miserable.

Here’s the good news…

There is a way to turn your frown upside down.

And it does not involve buying expensive supplements or doing complicated exercise routines.

It involves something you really like to do – eating.

So ask yourself…

What Would You Do To Feel Like You Again And Be Able To Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Have More Control Over Your Body?

Have you ever said to yourself “I would do anything to feel good again?”

Have you ever felt: This should not be happening to me!

If you have, then you have probably tried many things to feel better: supplements, medications, working with MDs/NDs and avoiding all kinds of food.

And like most people, you are tired of the fight. You are busy, stressed and fed up.

But I have more good news;

This is why I’ve worked with a professional holistic nutritionist to develop a complete hormone balancing program that allows you to eat your way to rebalancing your hormones.


Introducing the:

Healthy Hormones For Men Program

I know this sounds something a woman would do but you have the same hormones women have – lots of them – and they get out of whack, too. “The Healthy Hormones For Men” program will help you rebalance your hormones, using the foods that the systems in your body need to function properly.

You are steps away to a more balanced body, starting with food, delicious, wonderful food, full of flavour. As your body adapts to this new way of eating, you will start to notice the headaches disappear, your energy returns and you feel inspired and invigorated. With a step-by-step process, I will guide you through the program. What you gain is knowledge and power – you will learn how you function and what works best for you.

This is not a quick-fix but a real proven solution and you will see:

              Noticeable Improvement In Just 30 Days!

Remember, you are a man and you are designed to be strong and in charge of your life. It takes some time to do the reset, but when your hormones are balanced, it means no more loss of muscle mass, or temper issues and more energy, clear thinking and beautiful, wonderful calmness. And your stamina and libido return…

Each week of the program, I will teach you more information to understand the interaction of the various hormones that have been playing games in your body. You will easily recognize what has happened in your life that led you to be where you are now. As you go through the program (adaptable for all diet types such as gluten-free, paleo or vegan), each week you will feel better and better.

In this program you’ll discover:

  • The role of the liver and how easy it is to support its 400 functions. Learn about the foods your liver loves.
  • How stress and testosterone don’t like each other
  • The top ten hormone-balancing foods and how easily they can be worked into your diet.
  • The other players in the game; the adrenals, the thyroid, the intestinal system and digestive system and how they are affecting you – they all involve hormones so if you have issues with any of these, you will now know why.
  • How to support your body by eliminating toxins and feeding it with the nutrients it needs to stop the weight gain, improve your moods and stop those insatiable cravings./li>
  • Why the results you can achieve will be so dramatic when you are just eating food.
  • A complete menu plan plus delicious recipes that will inspire you.
  • How I will support you through the program and be there to answer all your questions.

Here Are The Tools You Will Receive To Help You Have Healthy Hormones:

  • 28 Day flexible Menu Plan with 90 amazing recipes
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • Complete instructions to understand what you are eating and why
  • Lifestyle suggestions to help guide you through the process
  • Are You an Emotional Eater? – handout
  • Signs You Need to Detox – Handout
  • Top Ten Hormone Balancing Foods – handout
  • Kitchen Makeover – handout
  • Food Sustitution list
  • Hormone Questionnaire to help you understand what you are experiencing
  • Complete support to get the answers to all your question (Discussion Group and Forum)
a lighter life product image



    Improve your metabolism, lose weight, end cravings and find a new way to live your life with energy and vitality

    More importantly, get back to feeling like the strong, vital man that your are. You will be amazed with what you can accomplish and so will your friends and family. Don’t be surprised if they say, “I’ll have what she’s having”.

    By using these tools, the menu plans and all the instructional information, you will see your body transform in a manner that can last a lifetime.

    Just think what you can do and how great life will be with the new motivation and vitality you will have by participating in this program.

This Program Has A

Value of $797.00

Part of the WLC eLearning Portal Membership

This program is available at no additional cost through your participation
in one of my monthly subscription membership programs…

You can do this. This will be the best present you have ever given yourself.

This life-saving change is easy when you have step-by-step guidance.

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity to Re-Tune Your Body And Mind. Take Charge Of Your Life. Join The Healthy Hormones For Men Program

This program has been developed and is available to you at no additional cost when you have both completed my 21 Days To A Healthy Gut course and are registered in one of my monthly subscription membership programs: 1) Basic program or 2) Premium program. These two programs are part of the Wellness Lifestyle Coaching eLearning Portal.. You can click the link below to download a PDF document which explains all this…

Still have questions? Contact me here and we’ll discuss your thoughts and questions concerning your wellness goals.

We will learn where you are, where you want to go – and how I can help you get there.

Disclaimer: These programs are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. The information provided in these programs are for general educational purposes, have not been reviewed nor approved by the FDA and are not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietician or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices.  Participation in these programs do not constitute a client-coach relationship.
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