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November 17, 2018by Steveoreno0

How Mindfulness Might Benefit You – How to Reconcile Awareness with Overload

For many years I, like many of you, have juggled a lot of balls. Family, household, marital relationship, education, business, altruism – and I’ve loved it. The more I did, the more accomplished I felt. The more my children and later, grandchildren accomplished, the more we contributed and the more fulfilled I felt.

Then, I was faced with caring for a mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. My life was turned upside down for the next eight years and my own health suffered. Maybe for you, it’s something else, maybe you or a loved one experience headaches or neck pain. Stress and all the years of overload come back to haunt you and the things you thought made you who you were, start kicking you in the rear.

I tried to get help from a general practitioner and a neurologist, but neither had the solutions I needed to deal with my mother’s situation. They prescribed Vitamins and Minerals and medication. The vitamins and minerals helped a bit, but the medication comes with its own set of problems, so I’ve put into practice some of the things I encourage as lifestyle changes for my clients. That is; regular exercise and stress reduction, fewer electronics and more time outdoors.

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” – Mother Teresa

Mindfulness is an awareness of our feelings, thoughts, and experiences, without judgment. I don’t know about you, I can be pretty aware, but judgment is a struggle for me. So I am a work in process in my “mindful practice.” Telling myself “that’s okay” is pretty standard for me.

Mindfulness is not exclusive to Eastern religions. Everyone can practice mindfulness and grow spiritually. Organized religion, Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism all practice it in prayer and philosophy; you don’t have to be a member of a specific religion to practice mindfulness.

The Benefits

Doctors are even prescribing mindfulness to alleviate symptoms causing physical repercussions. Pain, anxiety, stress, and depression have been found to improve with the practice of mindfulness.

  • Fewer symptoms of depression
  • Reduction of stress
  • Boosts memory
  • increased focus
  • less emotional reaction
  • more cognitive flexibility (self-observation)
  • satisfaction in relationships
  • fear regulation
  • intuition
  • self-insight
  • morality

Mindfulness has been studied through empirical research and has been shown to enhance ALL function in the middle prefrontal lobe area of the brain. Mindfulness has even been shown to have numerous medical benefits including immune function.

This is relatively new research and they’re still going back and forth over just how much is changed by mindfulness. I’ve attached some additional reading from the US Department of Health and Human Services. It shows research on different conditions that’s been conducted and the results. If you have something like pain management, ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia, or Multiple Sclerosis, I highly recommend clicking on the link and taking a peek at the research. It’s pretty easy to read and understand.

So… what are we waiting for? Not too many pills that can offer a list like this. Check out the new Natural Health Immersion membership program here and make your next year your best yet!

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by Steveoreno

I'm a Certified Biblical Health Coach

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