July 14, 2017
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Stressed – Take Time Out

If the pressures of life have finally caught up with or overtaken you, perhaps it’s time to take time-out. A vacation is not necessarily a selfish want. It can be what is needed to get your health back in order.

Of course, if you do decide to take a vacation, the type of holiday you decide to go on will or can affect your out of pocket expenses. If the burden of paying for a particular vacation will add to your stress, consider alternative ways to relax.

Sunny Location

Are you getting enough Vitamin D where you live? Could some of the stressful doldrums you are experiencing be due to a lack of sunshine? Possibly a trip to a sunny location could be just the ticket!

Many people who live in coastal places or within northern latitudes find the winter months dreary, depressing and downright stressful. Incorporating sun on your vacation is important if you want to relax and reduce your stress.

The Beach

What could be more relaxing than listening to the sound of the ocean waves breaking on the beach? Sitting back in your beach chair and soaking up the rays or nuzzling down on your blanket in the warm sand can really soothe your soul.

Sporty Vacation

Getting regular exercise is a proven stress reliever. Incorporating some sports on your vacation is a natural way to get your blood flowing and your endorphins pumping.

Hiking the volcanoes in Hawaii or playing championship golf courses are a few ideas. Or maybe you prefer scuba diving somewhere exotic. Another idea is taking some walking or bicycling tours. It’s a great way to get outdoors, enjoy the scenery and relax.

If you take a holiday, also take into consideration what your stress factors are ahead of time. For instance, if crowds make you crazy, probably going to Disneyland might not be the best idea.

If spending money is causing you grief, consider staying in a kitchenette motel instead of a fancy hotel and save money by preparing your own meals.

Take A Mental Health Day

If jet-setting away on a plane is not in the budget or is less than ideal for whatever reasons, consider indulging in a “staycation” at home. You don’t necessarily need to go anywhere to relax your mind and ease your stress levels.

Simply taking a day off of work to stay in your PJs and relax at home can be all your mind and body needs to recuperate.

Everyone needs a “Mental Health Day” once in a while…so why not do what makes you happy. Don’t do anything that will make you feel guilty. Choose something that will suit you.

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