Shayne – If you are interested, I can send you a thumb drive with the Vitality Summit on it so you can learn from it. Let me know with a text message and I will get it right out to you. Pedram offers a unique (free) 7 Day Reboot course you and Lin can take (click the link below):

The Urban Monk – 7 Day Reboot course

Bosu Ball Balance

Shayne – This video is from a summit I recently attended (The Vitality Summit). The main presenter was Dr. Pedram Shojai who is at the cutting edge of Holistic medicine. He interviewed a large number of his associates in the field. I think you would really like him (he’s one of my favorite educators on health, vitality, and transformative lifestyle living. I’ve left a link to his website below.. .

The Urban Monk

My Latest Supplement Recommendations

Shayne, I’m currently using these supplements. . .

Dr. Berg – Advanced Digestive Formula

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Pure Synergy – Enzyme Power

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Life Extension – Super Omega-3

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New Chapter – Vitamins For Women

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PURE – “Stay Ready” Dietary Fiber Supplement

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I worked for a Walmart distribution center for a couple months when I was living in Red Bluff. I purchased some steel toe work boots that were not a good fit for me and they created permanent damage to my feet. So now, when I am on my feet for an extended time my feet bottoms experience excruciating pain. I’ve tried different specialty tennis shoes, but did not really get relief until I tried this CBD product. I researched this company because there are a lot of fakes out there. This was the only company that truly explained how to take the CBD (you have to high dose for ten days and then go down to a normal dose (otherwise your body doesn’t get used to and adjust to it). I actually bought into this comapny’s Buyer’s Club to get a huge discount on the products. Example – A bottle of their CBD is $50 and I can get it for $18.50. If you are experiencing any pain this CBD works and they have it in different products (capsules, capsules with Turmeric, creams and tinctures + other products). Check them out at the link below and let me know if you want me to order for you?

Additional Supplement You Might Consider – Prosper Wellness CBD Capsules

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